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Six-month UK trial of a four-day working week


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More than 30 companies will take part in a trial of a four-day working week to “herald in a bold new way of working in 2022”, researchers say.

The global pandemic has impacted how long and where people work with Working From Home guidance giving an opportunity to experiment with normal work life.

Research suggests 78 per cent of employees with four day working weeks reported being happier and less stressed.

The six-month trial will attempt to measure whether workers can operate at 100 per cent productivity for 80 per cent of the time.

Employees will be paid for the same amount as if they were working five days a week.


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Sounds good to me! :tsu:

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If we extend this scenario to its logical conclusion...... We will all be expected to do 5 or 6 days work in one day!  :o

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Can I have a job and get paid for the one day at home. ;) Part time is fine with me. :lol: 


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