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Our current energy crisis confronts Net Zero-loving elites with the stark reality


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"The current energy crisis, with domestic bills set to rise some 50 per cent in April, has confronted Net Zero-loving Westminster elites with the stark reality of the choices they’ve made. Twenty-five retail energy companies have gone bust, another has been nationalised, along with a fertiliser plant  so that it can produce carbon dioxide for fizzy drinks  all now featuring as extra costs on either bills or taxes. We are shipping fracked gas from the United States while banning fracking here, and we have undermined investment in the North Sea, while allowing Putin to use Nord Stream 2 as a bargaining chip over the future sovereignty of the Ukraine. It is literally the case that we are using public money to import gas to manufacture CO2, while claiming to lead the world on tackling climate change. Unsurprisingly, no one is following."


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Well, you voted for this third-rate government of elites: Johnson, Truss, Patel, JRM, Gove- all recognised world-wide as idiots. All recognised as Brexiters.Idiocy and Brexit go together.

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Guest Br Cornelius

Confusing short term volatility with long term strategic planning. Poor analysis with a business as usual agenda (ie climate denial).
The Critic, natural home of curmudgeonly old Tory.


Br Cornelius

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