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Driverless trucks set to take over Texas roads


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"I think that everybody who is in the autonomous trucking business is in Texas," says Srikanth Saripalli, director at the Center for Autonomous Vehicles and Sensor Systems at Texas A&M University. "Even if they don't advertise it."

The companies didn't land in Texas by chance. The state has the largest number of truck drivers and many qualified engineers, its sunny climate is great for the trucks' sensors, and neighboring Mexico exports 85 percent of its goods to Texas by road.

Houston and Dallas are major freight hubs, and Texas's sprawling distances are ideal for long-haul transport.

But most of all, local legislation is friendly toward driverless vehicles.


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Autonomous trucks area already in circulation in Europe, although is in very limited areas as to control power charging and possible problems that might need local manual intervation.

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Local legislation is friendly... but what happens when those trucks leave Texas? In the article there was an example of Dallas to LA- so the driverless truck has to be OK in three states other than Texas. Or would the Texas trucks stop at the state border and load into other trucks to drive to wherever in the U.S. it's needed and might not have driverless sensors there? Or if the trucks need to deliver to places that aren't nice sunny places? 

Driverless trucks could help ease some of the current shipping difficulties were are experiencing though. I hope it works locally for Texas at least. 

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