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Dead man taken to Irish post office 'in attempt to claim his pension'

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

A dead man was reportedly taken into an Irish post office in an attempt to claim his pension.

The deceased was carried up to the counter by two other men, reports in Irish media said.

When the group approached, a "concerned staff member enquired about the wellbeing of the man being propped up", the Irish Times said.

At that point, the two others "dropped the man and left the post office", the paper added.

Staff then apparently attended to the man and found he had died.


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A man who brought his dead uncle into a post office to collect his pension has insisted: “I wasn’t trying to rob him. I’m not an eejit.”

Declan Haughney insisted that he didn’t realise Peadar Doyle, 66, was dead when he and another man brought him on the five-minute walk from his home on Pollerton Road, Carlow, to the Hoseys Post Office, to collect his pension last Friday morning.

Declan, 40, who says he’s lived with his uncle all his life, claimed he’s now “the talk of the town” and is being branded a “murderer” in the local community, ever since the sensational story emerged.

But he insisted he’s “not an eejit” – and believes he’s being accused of dragging his dead uncle into a post office to rob his pension – because he previously stole from his aunt.




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