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James Webb Space Telescope arrives at its destination


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I've really enjoyed Hubble images and I can't wait to get at some from the JW.

I love how the full size files are in the public domain, too (as they should be, taxes paid for them). I will likely print a few for framing. I have several NASA/JPL photos on my walls.

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On 1/27/2022 at 8:18 PM, psyche101 said:

Looking forward to the images .

ya think if they aimed it back to Earth, they could get some clear pics of BigFoot? :D a first of its kind

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Nasa unveils first images from world’s most advanced telescope in ‘pinnacle moment’

It reached its final destination, Lagrange 2 (L2), two weeks ago and the images released on Friday are the first rays of light processed by the $10billion (£7.4billion) machine.


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