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Bridge collapses in Pittsburgh just hours before Biden infrastructure visit


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A snow-covered bridge collapsed in Pittsburgh on Friday morning just hours before President Biden is slated to visit the city for an infrastructure event.

The Pittsburgh Public Safety Department announced the collapse and said there would be a press conference later in the morning.

The department said police, firefighters and other emergency services have responded to the bridge that fell near South Braddock and Forbes avenues.

Three people were taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries while officials will continue to search under the bridge to ensure there are no other victims. 

The department said there was a "strong smell of natural gas" by the collapsed bridge and urged the public to avoid the area. 



Pretty good argument for the infra-structure bill.  

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I never saw the wisdom of making a bridge and pouring hundreds of thousands of pounds of concrete on top of it.

Haven't they heard of grating?

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I already saw some guy claiming Biden blew the bridge up to make a point. 

I get it, nobody wants to spend money on stuff that isn't flashy, but we need to just straight up upgrade /everything/ at this point. 

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Yea that was the talk of the town here yesterday. Our bridges get work done on them for sure and bridge repair takes ages. I don't think there's enough manpower, know-how and resources to simply upgrade everything. I think it's an issue of fix the worst first in order and while so many are in poor condition the logistics of just shutting them down until fixed, which would mean literal years or decades just doesn't work. Many of them are major throuways and a temporary road or tunnel would need built for each one while it was closed off. It'll never happen. I'm always amazed at the size and number of so many bridges that were constructed in the first half of the 1900s around here. 

As a side note the most visually amazing bridge I've ever seen is the Bay Bridge outside of Baltimore heading towards Ocean City. It's a serious engineering marvel. 

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