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Star Wars AU vignettes

Sir Wearer of Hats

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What if… things happened just a little differently in a galaxy far far away?

Attack of the Clones
The Core World of the Grand Republic had long lost any vestige of wild spaces or forests. It replaced them with mile high-towers throbbing with life and full of life forms from across the Republic. there was never true night nor true day across the world, dark clouds of pollution and zipping air cars meant the sky always moving and always flickering with light. 
In one such tower, like millions of other people in the same moment, two men rode in a lift.
Unlike those millions of others though, these two men were that rarest of breed - Jedi. 
Thry call themselves guardians of order and justice and most conduct themselves with the decorum of such august roles.
But not these two.
”you fidgeted less when you got that Andorian ragweed in your robes,” the shorter and slightly older of the two Jedi muttered. The taller of the pair narrowed his eyes but said nothing. A cheeky glint flickered in thr older Jedi’s eyes. “Are you nervous, Annakin?” Obi-Wan Kenobi asked impishly. 
“No,” Annakin Skywalker muttered, “it’s not as if we’ve been assigned to protect a senator from assassins who’ve already struck in the capital?”
”ohh Yes. That,” Obi-Wan said, “no problem at all.” Obi-wan’s utterly deadpan reply caused Annakin to chuckle and stop fidgeting. 
”Do you think she remembers us?” Annakin asked hopefully. Kenobi said nothing as the lift opened and the two Jedi stepped out into the outer office used by Senator Padme Amedala. Two imposing guards stood before the door to her inner office and glared at the Jedi. 
“I think she might,” Kenobi said at the sight of the guards.
“Do you think we’re expected?” Annakin asked.
”well, if she knows we’re coming, I’d have expected more guards.”
”to impress us? Or to protect her from us?”
”well, after the last time …” Kenobi shrugged recalling the latest in a series of misadventures the two Jedi found themselves on when associated with the Senator from Naboo “potentially us from her”.
”it wasn’t her fault you fell into a gundark nest”.
”and I’m sure it wasn’t her fault you almost got eaten by those Ewok pirates,”
”I think there was enough blame to go around there. She wasn’t the one to insult the pirate lord’s mother.”
”I thought she was a chair,” Kenobi said, “you’re the one who ate the Sessian King’s favourite …” a door whooshed open and a young woman roughly the same age as Kenobi and Skywalker and dressed in an elaborate flowing dress Stepped out. 
“They tell me the only fundamental law of the universe is change and growth. I’m glad to see that Kenobi and Skywalker have once again defied that law,” she maintained her look of lofty disdain for precisely five seconds before bursting into a broad smile and embracing the two men. Another law of the universe, this one rarely spoken and always done so with a shaken head, is that when Kenobi, Skywalker and Amedala were on the same planet, fate held it’s breath and luck tended towards the spectacularly bad

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23 minutes ago, OverSword said:

Huh?  :lol:

What's different?

I was trying to make Annankin and Obi-Wan more mates, and throw Padme in to create a trinity like Luke/Leia/Han. We have the one who takes themselves too seriously (Luke/Annakin), the snarky but competent one (Leia/Obi-Wan) and the roguish and charming one (Han/Padme). 

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