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Transforming historical portraits into modern day photographs


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What would icons like Vincent van Gogh and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart look like if they lived among society today, rather than in centuries past?

Brazilian artist Hidreley Diao asked himself this question, then sought to answer it using artificial intelligence. In an article for Bored Panda magazine, Mr Diao explained that he spends up to two hours transforming each historical portraits into a modern day photograph.

He wrote: "I believe there are people who were born to shine. No matter how digitally 'regular' AI makes them look, we will always have in mind that the subject of the image made a name for themselves in history."

Mr Diao shares the end results on his Instagram page, which has racked up 141,000 followers.

Some nice pics: https://www.itv.com/news/2022-02-23/what-van-gogh-marie-antoinette-and-mozart-might-look-like-if-they-lived-now

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More of his work.


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