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Tyrannosaurus rex may have actually been three dinosaurs


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Cool article, but I was hoping that ‘if’ there were three distinct Tyrannosaurs they would form in to one giant robot tyrannosaur. Guess I’ll have to settle for the Dinobots in transformer lore/cannon.

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Well..it certainly is plausible. I mean..look at tigers for example, you have many different types of tigers meandering around.

Bengal, Siberian, Sumatran..so why not different species of T-Rex? After all they and other animals lived on various parts of the world despite the continents not being then as they are now. Neat article.

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This is a fringe claim that the majority of paleontologists who work on tyrannosaurs reject. The concept of multiple species of Tyrannosaurus is perfectly reasonable, but the 2 characteristics used by these authors to distinguish the species are laughably weak. 

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Dinosaurs hatched tiny but fully formed. They filled different ecological niches in the course of their relatively rapid growth that various sized mammals fill today. Their bones were subject to subtle changes in morphology as they matured.

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