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Study of sauropod tracks shows the dinosaurs had a gait unlike any creature alive today

Still Waters

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Using a new method of studying dinosaur tracks, a pair of researchers at Liverpool John Moores University has found that sauropods walked with a gait unlike any creature alive today. In their paper published in the journal Current Biology, Jens Lallensack and Peter Falkingham describe this new method.

Prior research has shown that elephants walk by taking two steps on one side, then two steps on the other, over and over. Because they are so large, many paleontologists have assumed big dinosaurs walked with a similar gait. In this new effort, the researchers have found that not to be the case.



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It's projection and guess work.  Perhaps some educated guess work, but still... guess work.

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Pfft. I've seen dogs do the left side-right side gait when they start to get on in years.

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