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Near-death experiences: four possible theories


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4 minutes ago, joc said:

Two things come to mind.  First, my conversation with my daughter Sunday about the experience of 'your entire life flashing all at once right before your eyes'...when something dramatically life changing happens...my experience was back in the 80s when I drove off a road into the field several feet below.  My Ford LTD actually went airborne for about 1/2 a second.  But in that half a second, my entire life did actually flash before my eyes...it is a really strange experience.

Secondly, a thread I visited the other day where memory editing was being discussed.   Losing consciousness to the point of one's heart stopping it's beat is definitely a life changing occurrence.   It is also a dramatic life changing experience when one's heart begins beating again...stale blood, freshly oxygenated being pumped back into an oxygen starved brain.  Good Lord only knows what kind of brain activity happens when that occurs.  But, I think we do have a bit of knowledge concerning exactly that...hallucinations, remembering things we shouldn't even be aware of...etc.

Any vision or remembering of anything immediately upon regaining consciousness therefore has to be considered part of the regaining consciousness occurrence, and not the complete loss of memory occurrence.  What people think is that they remember something that happened while they were unconscious...but it is actually part of the experience of regaining consciousness.

All that to say...there is no life after death...and being kind of dead but not really doesn't count as being dead.  Although it is an interesting thing to happen.  My best friend died over 15 years ago...he isn't going to suddenly come back to life.  

There is no veil of the shadow of being in between life and death...there is only hallucination and false memories.

That makes a whole lot of sense to me.

Subconsciously the body knows it is in trouble. It would be a huge elated response from every part of your body to resolve such a critical crisis. Especially the brain. Massive relief that death isn't going to happen. Grateful the episode passed.

I think that could be a significant observation there Joc. I wouldn't be surprised at all that it would initiate an altruistic outlook, explaining life changes after an NDE. 

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7 hours ago, psyche101 said:

I personally theorise that it's like being woken in am intense dream during REM activity. An interruption of the death process. 

That's a good theory and sounds right. If I get to that point I wouldn't want to be revived, it's rudeness in the extreme in a way.

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