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Space balloon company offers first look at luxury cabins [updated]

Still Waters

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A new entrant in the space tourism market promises customers views of the Earth's curvature from the comfort of a luxury cabin, lifted to the upper atmosphere with a giant balloon.

Space Perspective on Tuesday revealed illustrations of its swish cabins, which it hopes to start launching from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida from late 2024. More than 600 tickets have so far been sold, at $125,000 each.

With five-feet (1.5 meter) high windows, deep seats, dark, purple tones and subdued lighting, the atmosphere contrasts with the white and sanitized capsules of its competitors.

Wifi connectivity and a drinks bar round out the "Space Lounge" inside the company's Neptune capsule.

Whether it really constitutes spaceflight is a matter of debate.


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Over 1,600 People Have Paid Space Perspective for a Balloon Ride to the Edge of Space


50 years ago, the Space Race pitted superpowers against one another in a scramble to be first to reach Earth’s nearest celestial neighbor. But private enterprise dominates the 21st Century so far, as space tourism companies pit their technologies against each other to sell seats, and wealthy thrill seekers vie for limited space.

Recently, Space Perspective announced it has sold more than 1,600 tickets on its Spaceship Neptune high-altitude near-space balloon offering. This is almost triple the number of humans who have ventured into space previously. The customer interest represents about $200 million in sales for the Florida-based space tourism company.

Read More: SpaceRef


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  • The title was changed to Space balloon company offers first look at luxury cabins [updated]

Test flights on tap for Space Perspective’s luxury high-altitude balloon

This Florida-based startup wants to fly thousands of customers up to 100,000 feet.


Space Perspective could begin test flights of its privately owned capsule suspended under a high-altitude balloon within the next couple of months, the company's co-founder told Ars this week.

Florida-based Space Perspective released photos of its first completed test capsule Tuesday. The company will use this pressurized capsule, called Excelsior, for a series of test flights this year over the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Cape Canaveral. Taber MacCallum, Space Perspective's co-founder and chief technology officer, said employees have also finished fabricating the giant balloon that will lift the test capsule into the upper atmosphere for the first test flight.

Read More: ➡️ Ars Technica


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