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Archaeologists determine 'start date' of the Antikythera mechanism


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If it was a used device for coordination of event in an empire, multiple copies of this mechanism could exist. If it was a one hit wonder, it's way more difficult to decipher is importance.
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Reading that article, that start date seems highly speculative. Also, as it says in the article, there are things contradicting that start date. I don't think you can put any trust in it.

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On 4/14/2022 at 4:04 PM, NCC1701 said:

It looks like a part of an electric alternator or another piece of junk that was tossed overboard by a ship's engineer and landed in the middle of an antique shipwrecks site. Corrosion does the rest. Move on people.


It's an alternator made of dozens of gears with ancient symbols and language carved into the bits inside as found by modern scanning techniques? Do tell. You've obviously researched this device very well.

Unless you were trying to be sarcastic.

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