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Creepy spirit of man wearing glasses and a suit captured on camera


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The creepy spirit of an old man has been captured on camera at one of Cornwall's most famous buildings, a ghost hunter has claimed. The picture shows Candice Collins, head of paranormal investigation team The Cornish Ghost Whispers, inside Bodmin Jail.

But, if you look to the right, it also features a spooky silhouette, looking pretty similar to Edvard Munch's famous The Scream painting, with a scrawny face and two large round eyes. The picture was taken 15 years ago in an empty Bodmin Jail, but resurfaced yesterday years after Candice lost it during a house move.

She said: "I caught some fantastic paranormal evidence at Bodmin Jail before it was turned into a hotel.


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I wonder if anyone went back to the scene to look for possible explanations. It is a known haunted location which to me raises the paranormal suspicion level.

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Oh yea .. I see it now.. it's bubbles from trailer park boys posing as the dhali llama
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Looks like a skeleton propped up against the wall as decoration. Do any other pictures of this place exist?

EDIT: Did a search and found some pics - surprise, surprise, the place is PACKED with mannequins and horror displays.

This is just like that other recent thread where the "expert team" outright lied and claimed to catch a "ghost" in a courtroom that was proven to be nothing more than a dummy behind them. They feign ignorance of their surroundings and make these dumb claims.

If you want to go ghost hunting maybe don't do it in a place full of red herrings - or maybe that is exactly why they do it.

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Sunnyvale Penitentiary and their hauntings 

Like seriously.


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Looking at the photo (didnt know where the vid was) I'm convinced the paranormal is real. The ghost looked orange and seemed to resemble an arrow!!

Paranormal 9999999% Hoax -100%

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