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What happened to the World’s Fairs?


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Outside of the U.S., particularly in Europe and Asia, world’s fairs remain popular. In cities like Milan, Dubai and Shanghai, host nations have used these grand expositions to express their guiding values and show off the very best of their countries to the rest of the world.

Today, this mission is more vital than ever, argues Mina Chow, an architecture expert at the University of Southern California and the director of the documentary Face of a Nation: What Happened to the World’s Fair?

“The world expo movement has always been about the best of human civilization,” says Chow. “Right now, we’re living through some of the worst of it. … [The world’s fair is] something that we need to celebrate why we belong together.”


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Much like the olympics, I sense the organizing of 'bringing the world together' will result in spectacle used to house yet another organization of corruption.


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