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Nick Pope: ET could disguise drones as birds or insects


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3 hours ago, quiXilver said:

Nor is the sushi, apparently...

Don't even get me started about the Whopper.

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On 4/29/2022 at 5:08 PM, godnodog said:

well Nick Pope is a real Sherlock

No, he is a knob. My brother used to work with him at the M.O.D.  He worked for M.O.D. plod (police) & got interested in UFOs when The X-Files became popular, convinced himself he was Britains answer to Fox Mulder & started telling people he was some sort of keeper of the M.O.D. UFO files. Some people fell for it, he started on the circuit & made more from doing that than as a MOD plod clerk .....the rest as they say is history, but in reality he knows as much about this stuff as you & I.

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