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This is the Shooter the media has been looking for to drive home the White Supremest Narrative


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White guy shoots up a black neighborhood. Government immediately claims “Hate Crime”. The international media immediately picks up Government narrative and runs with “Racially motivated Mass Shooting”. Instead of Domestic Terrorism. Dresses up in full Military gear and it only gets labeled as a “Hate Crime”.

Joe Biden immediately gets briefed on this. The Justice Department immediately gets briefed on this. We have had multiple shooters over the past month. All have been the wrong “skin color”. All have completely disappeared from the News Cycle. I am 100% willing to bet this will be used to push the White Supremest narrative and Gun Control Narrative hard. 

There is also the significance of the Blood Moon being one day away. The numerology 13 being present. 13 Bullets. 13 Victims. In the same week as Friday the 13th. 

Side Note: I live 18 minutes away from this place. It’s weird having my home town in National News. 

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