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What Is Boris Johnson's Net Worth In 2022?

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Over the course of Boris Johnson's career he has dabbled with journalism, written books, legislated policy and has been involved in numerous political controversies. From getting stuck on a zip wire in 2012 to his frequent verbal splurges of Latin, he has made foes and friends across the political spectrum. 

Johnson began his career writing for The Times in 1987. He was swiftly dismissed from his role as a graduate trainee after he invented and falsely attributed a quote for an article about the archaeological discovery of King Edward II’s palace. 

Through industry connections, he landed a job at The Daily Telegraph. Regardless of his journalistic adventures, the job is unlikely to have made him his squillions. On average, a journalist with up to five years of industry experience earns approximately £25,000. So, how do the rest of his earnings tally up?


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Probably less now he's married again.  :P :lol:


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