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Pee pals: Dolphins use taste of urine to recognize friends

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Think about people you know, and how you could tell they were around even if you couldn't see them: their voice, perhaps, or even a favored deodorant.

For bottlenose dolphins, it's the taste of urine and signature whistles that allow them to recognize their friends at a distance, according to a study published Wednesday in Science Advances.

"The use of taste is highly beneficial in the open ocean because urine plumes will persist for a while after an animal has left," wrote the team, led by Jason Bruck at the University of St Andrews.

"By recognizing who caused a plume, dolphins would be alerted to the recent presence of that individual even if it had not signaled its presence vocally."



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I think that's a great big load of ...hey Bob...guess who got a grant to study Dolphin Urine?!  

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