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Incredible Footage Shows A Silverback Gorilla Gently Patting A Groundhog

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

A striking silverback gorilla has been captured gently patting a tiny groundhog during feeding time at Detroit Zoo.

Given how adorable groundhogs are, we don’t blame him for stopping for some affection.

The primate, named ‘Kongo’, is seen carefully lowering his hand to touch his little furry friend and then immediately as he grabs the groundhog’s attention, he swiftly moves his hand away.

He once again strokes the top of the groundhog’s head before slowly turning his back.


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Posted (edited)

This reminds me of how gentle King Kong was towards Naomi Watts in the movie. :sm

Looking back at Peter Jackson's King Kong | Den of Geek

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When animals have time to spend on something else than survival... it's why we are there arguing about a lot of stuff, lol !
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The natural world never ceases to amaze. It is easy to forget we are not much differnt than the rest of the life on this planet. And if an ape taking the time to enjoy another life isn't proof of that similarity then we just arn't looking hard enough. 

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