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New type of extremely reactive substance discovered in the atmosphere

Still Waters

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For the first time, an entirely new class of super-reactive chemical compounds has been discovered under atmospheric conditions. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen, in close collaboration with international colleagues, have documented the formation of so-called trioxides—an extremely oxidizing chemical compound that likely affects both human health and our global climate.

Hydrogen peroxide is a commonly known chemical compound. All peroxides have two oxygen atoms attached to each other, making them highly reactive and often flammable and explosive. They are used for everything from whitening teeth and hair to cleaning wounds, and even as rocket fuel. But peroxides are also found in the atmosphere.

In recent years, there has been speculation as to whether trioxides—chemical compounds with three oxygen atoms attached to each other, and thereby even more reactive than the peroxides—are found in the atmosphere as well. But until now, it has never been unequivocally proven.



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So, ozone combined with a second element is bad sh!t?



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"It is also likely that they are having an effect on climate change"

Stop blameing trioxides we all know globle warming according to activists is because I took a hot 4min shower instead of a cold picosecond one.:mellow: But on a more serious wouldn't these trioxides have been around in all of earths histroy?

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Huh. From Russia/Ukraine, mass shootings, to now trioxide... I think I'm going to go in my backyard and bury my head in the sand.

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So, is this the new hole in the Ozone, or the new acid rain? Because global warming is just so meh.
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I'm just going to go ahead and say it, because you know someone was going to say it. IT WAS ALIENS! 

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