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The Source of Water Ice on The Moon Could Be Traced to a Seemingly Unlikely Source

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

There's not a lot, comparatively, going on at the Moon. There's dust. There's rock. There's basalt plains, the product of extensive volcanism over much of the Moon's history.

And, as we have recently discovered, there's water. Lots of water. Bound up in the lunar regolith. Trapped in volcanic glass. Possibly even in sheets of ice on or just below the surface, hiding in craters at the poles that lurk in permanent shadow, where it can't be sublimated by the heat of the Sun.

Where this water might have come from is still something of a mystery. But new research suggests an interesting source, a process we know has occurred on the Moon a lot in the past: volcanoes.


The team's research has been published in The Planetary Science Journal.


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