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9V Li-ion Rechargeable Praise (hobby/sport/other)

Davros of Skaro

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Just want to give a recommendation for 9V battery users (a niche group).

I have metal detectors that use 9V batteries. Some newer tech machines come equipt with internal bats (just think of your phone), but some mfg still make 9V powered models which I use.

For a long time I used Ni-mH, but newer Li-ion bats have greater capacities, and lighter weight (could of used this tech when I had a MD that used 8 AA). The run time is greater due to greater mAh capacities (compare Ni-mH 175 mAh to 600 Li-ion mAh).

One time recently riding with my friend he had to stop for 9V bats for his game cameras, and remote game caller. He complained about the price of alkalines (non-rechargeable), and I was like "That much?" (it's been a long time since I purchased alkaline 9Vs). Since his birthday is coming up I knew what to get him from my own use through experience.

This is a recommendation for EBL official. They have a storefront on Amazon, but they have their own website. Do your browsing, and account for the discount code on EBL official (see marquee that scrolls on top of official page for discount code), and free shipping which chances are will meet your needs (make contact for any unbalance between sites, in other words play ball).

Note: When a couple cycles of charge/discharge the voltage will plateau around 8.5-8.4 volts (which holds during duration of capacity) which is still in the parameter of your device's threshold, but backed by massive capacity (run time). I cannot run these 9V out, but I have the habit of recharging after each use which barely gets warm during charge (pay attention to chargers Amp rating which uses cell phone chargers as per instructions).

I cannot wait till my friend sees his 4 bay charger, and 4 9V Li-ion bat gift.


Users for guitar effect peddles, portable muscle therapy devices, or even smoke/ carbon monoxide detectors take notice.

If any interest for an EBL AA Li-ion review after I put it through the paces hit the like, and if enough likes I'll put it down.



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