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The Fire Bug: Part 2 - mystery short film

Phantom Park

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Hey, haven't posted something new in a bit, but I still make mystery short films and videos in my spare time, so I'm posting my latest one. It's a 12 min video, so requires a bit of patience. It's a story about a house that burned down in a small town and one person's investigation into what caused the fire. Here's the link if you have time to check it out. Hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/wJq4N0wtrRA

Video is Copyrighted 2022 by Phantom Park

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I enjoyed it!

I have to ask : do some people just like fire and some other people like the effects of fire? :unsure2:

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Thanks for watching it ouija. That's an interesting point you bring up, I hadn't thought about that before, but it's an important distinction for sure. One seems more sinister than the other.

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