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1,800-year-old curse warning discovered on tomb in Necropolis of Beit She’arim

Still Waters

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Approximately 1,800 years ago, an ancient curse was recorded in red paint in a burial tomb near what is now Haifa, Israel. It was penned by Yaakov (Jacob) “the Proselyte,” an ancient Greek man who converted to Judaism. Yaakov was interred at Beit She’arim, an ancient Jewish town with a necropolis buried beneath its streets – but what does his curse promise to unleash?



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Who cares right, are we not cursed anyway? What makes him think anyone would want to disturb that grave??? Weird.
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Hmm... What is the expiration date on a curse i wonder?

When the paint scrapes off?

When the language used in the curse is no longer known by anyone who could read it?

When no more gullible/impressionable folks encounter it?


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