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No signs (yet) of life on Venus

Still Waters

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The unusual behavior of sulfur in Venus' atmosphere cannot be explained by an "aerial" form of extra-terrestrial life, according to a new study.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge used a combination of biochemistry and atmospheric chemistry to test the "life in the clouds" hypothesis, which astronomers have speculated about for decades, and found that life cannot explain the composition of the Venusian atmosphere.

Any life form in sufficient abundance is expected to leave chemical fingerprints on a planet's atmosphere as it consumes food and expels waste. However, the Cambridge researchers found no evidence of these fingerprints on Venus.

Even if Venus is devoid of life, the researchers say their results, reported in the journal Nature Communications, could be useful for studying the atmospheres of similar planets throughout the galaxy, and the eventual detection of life outside our solar system.



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Alien life on Venus could be detected through a new mission to our neighbouring planet.

Rocket Lab has announced that it will launch an Electron spacecraft and Photon probe through the clouds of Venus in order to detect extraterrestrials that could be inhabiting its atmosphere - approximately 48 to 60 kilometres from the surface of the world.

The 20 kilogram probe, which will launch in 2023, will only spend five minutes in Venus’ clouds but could still find striking discoveries.


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