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Israel ponders 5th election in 3.5 years and it might mean the return of Netanyahu


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Looks like Left-leaning governments are causing people to be willing to try populist movements.  In Israel, Bennet is seen as soft on terror and there's a new guy who the people seem to be ready for - Itamar Ben Gvir.  The Left in Israel are already labeling him as the Israeli "Trump".  I guess it's because he is very vocal about dealing harshly with Israel's enemies.  I wish them the best of luck because now that Biden/Obama have cut them loose and are actually complicit in helping the mullahs build the bomb, Israel is on its own.  They've tried for many years to get the world behind the effort to stop the crazies in Tehran and they have failed. 

Now they face the choice of pre-emptively destroying Iran's nuclear sites OR accepting Iran as an unstable regime with the power to destroy the state of Israel with a single missile barrage.  It will be interesting to see what Bibi will DO if he is re-elected.  Maybe it'd be best if Ben Gvir was elevated to the PM spot.  He seems ready to push back hard on Israel's enemies.  

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