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Man banned from driving after his car called 999 to report him


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A man has been banned from driving after his company car dialled 999 to inform emergency services and responders found he had been drinking.

Alan McShane was over the drink-drive limit as he drove home after a night out, a court hearing was told.

McShane admitted driving with a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit, reports ChronicleLive.



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If I read this correctly, the man said he had a single drink?  He blew 3X the legal limit?  That must have been one hell of a drink.  I actually blew 3X the legal limit once.  I make it a point to this day to thank God I didn't wake up in a hospital, in handcuffs, waiting to be transferred to prison because I'd killed someone.  It took me about a year after that but I finally quit drinking.  This September will be 11 years :) 

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“The people he met didn’t want to go for food, so he had a drink, and in the early hours of the morning he knew he had to drive the car to work, he was concerned about leaving it parked there because it wasn’t his vehicle."

/A/ drink?

Drinking Horn, 5XL, The Guzzler– Grimfrost

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