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Hundreds of US homeless die in extreme heat


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Excessive heat causes more weather-related deaths in the United States than hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes combined.

Around the country, heat contributes to some 1,500 deaths annually, and advocates estimate about half of those people are homeless.

Temperatures are rising nearly everywhere because of global warming, combining with brutal drought in some places to create more intense, frequent and longer heat waves. The past few summers have been some of the hottest on record.

Just in the county that includes Phoenix, at least 130 homeless people were among the 339 individuals who died from heat-associated causes in 2021.


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A young boy has tragically died in a hot car after being mistakenly left for up to three hours by his mother, it is claimed.

The mum had rushed home as she prepared for the birthday party of another child, a girl, aged eight, and is believed to have not realised the boy, five, was still in the car on the afternoon of June 20.

It was only after two or three hours that she noticed the tot was missing and she made the tragic discovery of the child in the car, said Texas police.


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