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Astronomers link 64 telescopes to observe the structure of the universe

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

An international team of astronomers have for the first time combined the power of 64 radio telescope dishes to detect the faint signatures of neutral hydrogen gas across cosmological scales.

The feat was achieved using the South African-based MeerKAT telescope, a precursor to the world's largest radio observatory, the SKA Observatory (SKAO), which will probe the universe in unprecedented detail.

A primary aim for the SKAO is to understand the evolution and content of the universe along with the mechanisms which drive its accelerating expansion. One way to achieve this is by observing the universe's structure on the largest scales. On these scales, entire galaxies can be considered as single points and analysis of their distribution reveals clues about the nature of gravity and mysterious phenomena such as dark matter and dark energy.



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