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Could eye movements be the key to understanding memory ?


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Treatments for long held trauma and PTSD/C-PTSD indicate that eye movement is pivotal (pun intended) to emotional processing, memory/recall and healing/resolution.

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Most people go to or are in familial environments so one generally scans for unknowns the environment is imbedded in memory because there is history and doesn’t have to be mentally processed every time.

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Coincidentally I was thinking about something similar encouraged with a dream I had last night.

The idea is that most people will inaccurately embellish everything that is a representation of real events, such as an act, a story, and whatever maybe a news item or article. But my main interest here is the recounting of events through play acting on film.

To study and learn how far off the mark film makers are and how much liberty they take in their embellishments and dramatizations we would test them. The test is simple, send said film maker to witness something, like a meeting, a court proceeding and whatever public event that works best. The task is to send the moviemaker to watch an event without giving them a camera. This event would be recorded on camera. The moviemaker is then tasked to recreate what he saw using actors, stages and studios and whatever props needed. Compare the two videos and pick out the differences and develop a system to measure the deviations the moviemaker made from reality, what facts he got wrong and etcetera.

Great idea, was thinking about this mostly all of the day and then I see this thread.
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Posted (edited)

Indeed EMDR existing since it was discovered during or after the Vietnam war and popularised by Francine Shapiro is a well known and proven working CCT (Cognitive and comportemental Therapy) to cure traumas.

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