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Universal Health Care could have saved more than 330,000 U.S. lives during COVID


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On 6/21/2022 at 7:31 PM, Eldorado said:

A new study quantifies the severity of the impact of the pandemic on Americans who did not have access to health insurance.

According to findings published on Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, from the pandemic’s beginning until mid-March 2022, universal health care could have saved more than 338,000 lives from COVID-19 alone.

The U.S. also could have saved $105.6 billion in health care costs associated with hospitalizations from the disease—on top of the estimated $438 billion that could be saved in a nonpandemic year.

“Health care reform is long overdue in the U.S.,” says the study’s lead author Alison Galvani, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Modeling and Analysis at the Yale School of Public Health. “Americans are needlessly losing lives and money.”


There is nothing wrong with private healthcare.

But for some reason in the US ridiculous prices are allowed. A body needs to be setup to set the prices for each treatment. We have it here in the UK but less severe.

The NHS pays over £7.00 for a packet of paracetamol but at the shops its 60p.

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