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Six Brexit problems six years after the EU referendum

The Silver Shroud

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It is six years after the 2016 EU referendum, and Brexit has been delivered. But all is not necessary well.

Polling conducted by Savanta ComRes in October found that just 36 per cent think the project has been a success, with 52 per cent considering it a failure.

Here are six of the biggest enduring problems Brexit has caused to mark six years since the big vote.

Six Brexit problems six years after the EU referendum | The Independent

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I'm trying to figure out how much money I owe the English, hopefully when I can eventually pay them the debt their entitled to, it will help keep their wonderful feminine women safe.  Hopefully the interest rate won't be astronomical.  If it weren't for them who knows what life would be like for me.  I'm as grateful as can be and hope my contribution will be put to good use.  Cheerio.

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