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Germany has activated the second phase of its three-stage emergency plan for natural gas supplies.


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BERLIN — The German government formally placed its energy market on a war footing Thursday over Russia's sharp reduction of gas supplies, telling households to reduce consumption and warning that industrial output will be hit.

Announcing stage two of its three-stage alert system — one stop short of a full emergency where the government would take control of energy distribution and ration gas supply — Germany's Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said it was time to get serious about the consequences of supply cuts following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.



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I'm trying to figure out how much money I owe the Germans hopefully when I can eventually pay them what I'm indebted to them it will help keep their wonderful women warm.  Hopefully the interest rate won't be astronomical.  If it weren't for them who knows what life would be like for me.  I'm as grateful as can be and hope my contribution will be put to good use.

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I hope your people stay well and healthy, you're always welcome here.


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