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Miniature house installed in San Francisco park a mystery

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

 Parks officials in San Francisco said they do not know who installed the latest attraction in Golden Gate Park: a miniature house placed atop a 30-foot-tall tree stump.

The miniature model of a Victorian home has been drawing its own visitors to the southern entrance of Golden Gate Park and officials said they first noticed the diminutive dwelling about six weeks ago.



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"Boris Johnson planned to build a £150,000 treehouse at Chequers for his son Wilf but plans were rejected over security concerns.

"Despite the cost of living crisis, the prime minister and his wife Carrie Johnson wanted to build the treehouse in the grounds of Chequers.

"The treehouse would have included bulletproof glass and could be seen from the road, sparking security concerns from police, The Times reported."


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