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Communicating with ghosts while online is 'ridiculous' but fun 

Carmichael often invites people into her conversations with some of the more popular ghosts featured in her videos through live events.

During one such event, she opened cards sent by followers for a spirit that couldn’t wrap her head around the concept of Instagram followers.  

While Carmichael admits that events like that can come off as silly, she wants people to know that ghosts aren’t something to be afraid of.  

“It’s ridiculous, I’ll admit it, it is ridiculous, but that’s also my channel. I’m just like, hey, let’s have fun. Everything else out there seems to be focusing on the fear of spirituality, which I don’t think helps us with the psychology of coming to what could happen after we go,”  she said.


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I'm not afraid of imaginary phantoms and yes it's silly. Though too light a word for me.

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