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New species of carnivorous pitcher plant discovered, traps its prey underground

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Carnivorous plants, as the name suggests, eat prey – mostly bugs, but also small animals, and other nutrient-rich matter.

While the whole idea seems vaguely nightmarish at first, these "ecologically unique" plants need our protection just like any other threatened organism; and we're still finding examples of these carnivores we've never even noticed before.

In the latest such discovery, scientists have now reported the identification of a previously unknown species of carnivorous plant, found on the island of Borneo in the Indonesian province of North Kalimantan.

The newly named species, Nepenthes pudica, is a kind of pitcher plant, but it consumes its prey in a way botanists have not recorded before.


The findings are reported in PhytoKeys.


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