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Anti-Vaxxers are fuming after Sesame Street's Elmo got a Covid-19 vaccination

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

A bunch of adults are kicking off on social media after Sesame Street's Elmo got vaccinated for Covid-19.

The educational children's show put together a short video to help little ones feel a bit better about getting the jab, and it turns out it's made a whole bunch of anti-vaxx grown-ups quite angry.

Sesame Street shared the public service announcement on Twitter, with the text: "It's okay to have questions about Covid-19 vaccines for children."

The tweet added: "Elmo's dad Louie talked to their paediatrician, and learned that Elmo getting vaccinated is the best way to keep him and his whole neighbourhood safe and healthy."


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Go ahead, make my day...






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I'm with the fumers and those kicking off.


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Posted (edited)

"Jim Henson would not approve" - Considering how he died, don't be so sure about that, chief.

He'd probably be sad that a bunch of the kids he tried to teach grew up to be so stupid as to rally against basic life saving medical procedures. I have no doubt he would approve whole-heartedly.

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