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The largest alcohol molecule found in space yet may be the key to star formation

Still Waters

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There's alcohol up in space. No, it's not bottles of wine discarded by careless astronauts; rather, it's in microscopic molecular form. Now researchers think they've discovered the largest alcohol molecule in space yet, in the form of propanol.

Propanol molecules exist in two forms, or isomers, both of which have now been identified in observations: normal-propanol, which has been detected in a star-forming region for the first time, and iso-propanol (the key ingredient in hand sanitizer), which has never been seen in interstellar form before.

These discoveries should shed light on how celestial bodies such as comets and stars are formed.


A sanitizer in the galactic centre region

Interstellar detection of iso-propanol in Sagittarius B2


The research has been published in Astronomy & Astrophysics



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  • The title was changed to The largest alcohol molecule found in space yet may be the key to star formation

Holy spiritus... 


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Event horizon... 





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