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Europe's Refugee Crisis Is Going to Get Worse


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Many ask if Europe can continue to manage the refugee crisis—providing immediate assistance for refugees and middle and longer-term assistance. Patience is wearing thin as the war drags on. Internal pressures on governments are increasing as citizens worry about resources for their own populations.

Refugee crises have stages, each with its own problems. If part of Vladimir Putin’s agenda has been to cleanse Ukraine and impose a massive refugee crisis on Europe as part of an overall de-stabilization of the West, how Europe responds may impact the future of Putin and his regime. Europe knows that everyone is watching how it handles this refugee crisis.

Europe's Refugee Crisis Is Going to Get Worse (msn.com)

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It all started with those Goddamn Franks, Alans, Goths and Vandals moving in because of those ****ing Huns. Then the friggin Slavs coming South and crowding the Balkans, eating up all the good Greek and Italian food. 

Then the Franks chased those Saxons into Britain and now there are Brummies, Yammies and Scousers eating all the Cheddar and drinking all the ales. 

Then the Mongols pushing all those Cumans into Hungary with their swarthy complexions ruining all that good Magyar blond-bluedness.

Then the Ottomans performing a European reshuffle........

Terrible......it never stops........

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