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Kinzinger shares compilation of vulgar and threatening calls


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This says a lot about the maturity level and general IQ of too many Americans these days.  I'm sure people on both sides of the aisle experience this.



Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) shared a compilation of around a dozen vulgar and threatening calls to his congressional office to highlight an increase in threats of violence in politics.

“Threats of violence over politics has increased heavily in the last few years. But the darkness has reached new lows,” Kinzinger said in a tweet accompanying the video on Tuesday. “My new interns made this compilation of recent calls they’ve received while serving in my DC office.”

“I hope you naturally die as quickly as f—— possible,” one caller said.

“Going to come protest in front of your house this weekend. We know who your family is and we’re going to get you,” another caller said. “Gonna get your wife, gonna get your kids.”

Some of the calls in the compilation did not include a direct threat, but demonstrated the kind of vulgar and angry calls that his office gets.

“You’re the biggest piece of **** politician in the world. Why don’t you just leave and go away and shut your f—— mouth, you piece of ****,” one caller said.

The video noted that calls and voicemails to Kinzinger’s congressional office are received by high school and college-level interns “attempting to learn about the legislative process.”


I really like that last part.  They are learning how stupid people are :rolleyes:


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Geez, I learned in middle school constant name-calling and cursing was the hallmark of ignorance.

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It’s very funny what we learn when we are young and then forget as we age. As far as cursing and name calling being the hallmark of ignorance, while that is very true history still repeats itself doesn’t it. Maybe it’s not about ignorance at all, maybe it’s about not repeating history over and over again!:yes:

You see ignorance is a description that every member of our species has in common in some area so that’s not really a derogatory thing. What is truly derogatory is when someone learns something, practices it but then repeats the bad behavior over again that’s not ignorance that’s being foolish and there is no room for fools!:tu:

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