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Revealed: Queen’s sweeping immunity from more than 160 laws

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Personalised exemptions for the Queen in her private capacity have been written into more than 160 laws since 1967, granting her sweeping immunity from swathes of British law – ranging from animal welfare to workers’ rights. Dozens extend further immunity to her private property portfolio, granting her unique protections as the owner of large landed estates.



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I would say rather than remove those exemptions for HMQ we poor over regulated minions should be leveled up.  :tu:  

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They extend to her family - anyone else accused of being a nonce would be up before a jury of their peers long before now. 

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After a report protected birds had been deliberately killed:

It is a criminal offence to injure hen harriers, one of the rarest and most persecuted birds in the UK, then punishable by six months in prison or a £5,000 fine.

(Investigators) were told by Norfolk constabulary that no immediate action was possible: the police said they needed to ask Sandringham officials for permission to go on to the estate.

A Guardian investigation has revealed that dozens of UK laws stipulate that police are barred from entering any of the Queen’s private estates without her consent to investigate crimes ranging from wildlife offences to environmental pollution – a unique privilege not granted to any other private landowner in the UK.

Officials warned of ‘serious wildlife incidents’ at Queen’s Sandringham estate | Monarchy | The Guardian

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