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Brexit means fall in crops and fewer British products in supermarkets


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Brexit has led to a decline in crops and fewer home-grown products on the shelves of Britain’s supermarkets, farming chiefs have warned.

Farmers in Kent told a visiting group of MPs that it has become easier to import some fruits than harvest them because of strict limits on the number of seasonal workers from the EU.

Winterwood Farms, an agricultural giant based in the county, said its UK farms had been forced to leave 8 per cent of their fruit crop unharvested and would be planting less in future.

Stephen Taylor, managing director of Winterwood in Maidstone, said the government’s advice to replace lost EU labour with British workers and robots showed how “out of touch” ministers had become.

Brexit means fall in crops and fewer British products in supermarkets, farmers tell MPs (msn.com)

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Brexit is a disaster, especially for the NHS.


Sadly, it's a catastrophe inflicted mainly by the old upon the young, who will suffer the consequences for generations to come (unless we rejoin the EU) .

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If you look at a packet of pork chops in a supermarket (as I have done recently), you'll see them labelled as "product of Denmark, processed in Germany". Yet our farmers have been culling heathy pigs and putting them into landfill. 

Our farmers are also being forced to plough crops and flowers back into the soil.

It is not unexpected. Patrick Minford (the Brexit economist) said Brexit would be the end of traditional British industry as our economy would change- we would become an IT, technology and data powerhouse and just buy cheap food produce from countries which didn't need to adhere to EU standards.

Except we still need to trade with Europe for fresh food and we have been frozen out of Horizon.

We are still on our way to full Brexit- we have yet to implement checks on imports and EU biometric tests will come in before the year is out.

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