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'Ghost' shows up in background of new Amazon Prime show


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21 hours ago, the13bats said:

Sorry to sound lazy but the guys a bit talky do you know at what time in that he is on this case?

It's the whole ep unfortunately.  It's in 3 episodes so he does a wee bit on all 3.

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5 hours ago, DreadLordAvatar said:

Just go watch it yourself. You'll be better informed instead of making up pure nonsense.

Making up pure nonsence would be claimg they filmed a ghost.

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54 minutes ago, oneshot_me said:

Now how are you going to say it's not one when they wasn't even looking for the paranormal??

So when a camera film artifact pops up when a person isnt ghost hunting it must be a ghost, um okay.

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I'm going to bet that when the Rings of Power starts the ghost of Tolkien will be rolling in its grave. 

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2 hours ago, maggythekitty said:

 I need to be honest, i am a big believer but this looks like a screen reflection

Sorry to hear that.

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Since supposedly this was the site of a mass grave, I'd like to know more about the history of the place. It may very well be a ghost.They don't all show up at  night. They even show up in daytime. it certainly is human shaped. My dad was a disabled vet of three wars, WW2, Korea and Veit Nam, so it makes you wonder what weird  things he and other vets on both side  might have seen  they never told anyone about, which they couldn't explain.

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