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Everyone in UK to pay another £300 for Brexit - on top of £1,000 it's already cost you


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The Brexit divorce bill will cost each taxpayer on average £305 more than previously expected, according to new government figures.

An ‘updated estimate’ of the settlement agreed as part of Boris Johnson’s exit deal was quietly published on Thursday.

It says the overall bill is now £42.5 billion, equivalent to £1,296 for each working adult in the UK.

The update was issued as MPs headed off for summer recess by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Simon Clarke.

Everyone in UK to pay another £300 for Brexit - on top of £1,000 it's already cost you (msn.com)

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Current inflation causing an increase in costs of the exit bill. Although money owed to the UK from their investment bank will also go up, partially offsetting the increase. 

If, as is likely, the EU economy goes into recession then the exchange rate Pound /EURO will widen and reduce the cost to UK. 

 "However, given this is a multi-decade liability, the variables used in this forecast will continue to fluctuate up and down," Mr Clarke said."


So a snapshot today might make the right sort of headlines, ever increasing costs, for some publications but they are misleading and this story is for entertainment purposes only. ;)

Next month it will have changed again and if its gone down don't expect to see it reported. :rolleyes:

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