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Dover traffic: Port declares critical incident over long queues

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

The Port of Dover has declared a "critical incident" due to six-hour queues leading to the ferry terminal.

Chief executive Doug Bannister said the port had been "badly let down" by the French border controls.

French authorities said an "unforeseeable technical incident" in the Channel tunnel meant French border police were delayed into Dover.

Travellers, some with young children, said they have barely moved for hours as they approach the port.

The UK government has blamed French authorities for the delays at Dover.

Europe minister Graham Stewart said some disruption was inevitable because of the scale of traffic.

He said that it was not a Border Force issue - but one for French authorities.


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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Eurotunnel and Dover queues: Travellers facing third day of delays

Holidaymakers and hauliers trying to cross the Channel are enduring another day of disruption after two days of gridlock.

Overnight, people reported sleeping in cars on the road as the approach to the Eurotunnel in Folkestone, Kent, remained gridlocked.

One tired family said the last three miles of their journey took 21 hours.


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