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Boris Johnson ‘believes he’ll be back as prime minister next year’


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Boris Johnson privately believes he will be back in office next year, despite announcing his resignation after MPs rose up against his leadership two weeks ago.

Tim Montgomerie, a former aide to Mr Johnson who has since been critical of him, said he had been told by sources close to the Prime Minister that he was convinced he would be back.

In a well-sourced post on social media, Mr Montgomerie wrote: “Boris is telling aides that he’ll be PM again within a year.”

Mr Johnson told MPs at his final Prime Minister’s Questions earlier this week: “Hasta la vista, baby” and said it was “mission largely accomplished – for now”.

Boris Johnson ‘believes he’ll be back as prime minister next year’ (msn.com)

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Nah, he's just pulling your leg, or pretending to be Trump, who also knows he won't be back.  He strikes me as someone similart to GW Bush, who always said stupid things and laughed his head off because everyone talked about how stupid he was (which he never was).

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