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A new wave of migration is coming, and Europe is not ready for it


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Figures published by Frontex, the EU border agency, show “irregular entries” rose to 114,720 in the first half of 2022, 84% up on last year.

Many other migrants may have escaped detection. The number attempting entry via the western Balkans rose by nearly 200%. About 60,000 people are expected to cross the Channel in boats this year, double the 2021 total.

Strikingly, these figures do not include millions of Ukrainians who have sought EU asylum since February.

Most non-Ukrainian refugees and economic migrants classed as irregular come from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Belarus, Bangladesh, Egypt and sub-Saharan Africa.

That’s important for understanding what is driving the new surge.


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The 84% increase is despite Frontex using all means at their disposal and a few that are considered illegal, like turning boats around, when suggested by others as a way of dissuading migrant crossings. 


EU border agency chief resigns after critical watchdog probe.

The resignation occurred shortly after the release of a joint media investigation that revealed more details about potential Frontex involvement in pushbacks. The report, based on a freedom of information request made to the agency, detailed a Frontex database that included descriptions of 145 cases labeled “prevention of departure” — incidents that mirrored pushbacks. 

It was far from the first such report from media outlets and NGOs. 



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3 hours ago, L.A.T.1961 said:

The 84% increase is despite Frontex using all means at their disposal...


Perhaps should Paul Watson get appointed to replace Frontex? He's reknown for using 100% of disposable means:


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