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College Football 2022


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In the U.S. south, especially, college football is a tradition that brings a huge amount of enjoyment to millions.  I just thought it'd be good to hear which teams are your favorite and what you think their chances are in 2022.  My favorite team is the University of Alabama and I think they'll have a struggle this year due to the new rules that allows schools to pay their players for use of their Name, Image, or Likeness (NIL).  It was a huge mistake, IMO, to bring money into the game at this level.  Thoughts?

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Don't watch college much since I went to a community college.

I typically root for ACC teams, particularly North Carolina.

They should extend the playoffs.

And I agree about the NIL. They're getting a to paid education already. I'm not sure how it works but perhaps the big money schools just going to buy all of the kids now. The talent would be even more disproportionate than it already is.

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Week 7 Teams:









James Madison

MS State

Florida State







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