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What in the world are Washington and Beijing doing?

Grim Reaper 6

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As a direct result of Pelosi’s trip, Beijing has created six maritime and air closure zones circling the island, each in a strategic location near Taiwan ports, etc.; started firing missiles into those zones, some directly over Taiwan; deployed two carrier battle groups from the north and south toward the island; shut down numerous government and commercial web sites in Taiwan and suspended critical exports and imports to and from Taiwan.

Both sides view Taiwan in ominous strategic terms, suggesting that neither is inclined to make concessions or strive for mutual accommodation or a clear off-ramp. To the contrary, both seem to think that only never-ending levels of military deterrence and threats will avert a conflict, with little if anything in the way of assurances regarding the One China policy or Beijing’s commitment to peaceful unification.



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All the PLA-N is doing is creating a "target-rich" environment for our subs and surface vessels.  If it comes to bloodshed, the CCP's primary market for its trash quality exports will collapse in ruins.

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